English 8A, Let’s Talk Movies, week 45

This week we will work in our English books and finish up all the work connected to the chapter about movies. We are getting closer to having a writing test very soon! Be aware!

This week our verbal presentation about a movie starts. First group will do theirs on Wednesday during half class. I am so excited!! Remember you need to practice at home and be on top of the time it takes to present your movie – four minutes.

/Miss Marianne


English 8A, Let’s Talk Movies

This week we will work with page 105, 106 (crosswordpuzzle) and 107 in our workbooks. You have a homework for Friday, October 19, as usually! I have put it on Instagram. We will also start working with our verbal presentation about a movie, free of your choice. The presentation will be held in half classes in week 42, 45, 46 and 47. You can read all about it on the dokument I put in Dropbox. The presentation will last for four minutes and you can use any ”app” you would like as a help. You are allowed to have 25 supporting words as a help.

I am so looking forward to hear all about your favoutrite movies!


/Miss Marianne