Krönika, svenska 9A & 9B

Sista lektionen i svenska för veckan handlade om krönika. Hur skrivs en krönika?

Vi tittade på två klipp från YouTube, se nedan. Efter det repeterade jag hur en krönika skrivs med hjälp av en Keynote. I klassrummet lästes sedan tre – fem krönikor av varje elev. Efter att ha läst flera krönikor undersökte vi tillsammans om det fanns de ingredienser i texterna som de ska innehålla med hjälp sammanställning på sista sidan av Keytnoten.

Här är länkarna:

Länk 1.

Länk 2.


Keynoten hittar du i Dropbox. Arbetsuppgifter – svenska – krönika. Jag la även ner några texter du kan läsa där.

Trevlig helg!



English, 9A & 9B, Let’s Talk Japan!

Today we will start working in our new English books, Happy! Yeah!

You, 9B, has chosen to start with the chapter about Japan. 9A you will get to choose the next chapter we will work with.

During our first lesson we will listen to the first chapter, p.24-26, get a homework and work in our workbook on page 22. I wonder wich day you will choose as your day for homework … Now I know! You both picked Tuesday as your day for h0mework.

Your homework will be chosen words from page 24-26 in our textbook. Look at Instagram, I will put a picture of them there.

/Miss Marianne

English 8A, Let’s Talk Movies

This week you should be done in your workbook until page 99. In class we will continue to work in our workbook on page 100 – 102. That is a long, interesting and scary listening excersice. You will maybe solve a murder mystery. Scary! Homework, for next week (39), is words in your textbook page 124 – 126. Do not forget to read the text. You never know if there will be questions from the text to answer next Friday …

/Miss Marianne

Freak, week 38. English 9A & 9B

The last lesson for this week we went back and watched the two clip about Photoshop and answered questions in pair. Also make sure you take notes of your conversation, to use later. Remember the topic!

Questions to the two Photoshop clips
1st clip Photoshop

* What is your thoughts about Photoshop and how it is used in commercials?

* Would there be any circumstances where it is useful?

* Do we need to look our best everywhere?

* If you could, would you use Photoshop? Why?


2nd clip, Jean Kilbourne

* In what way does advertising tell us who we should be?

* What does Mrs. Kilbourne think advertising tell us about women? How is that? Do you agree?

* What could it do to a little girl, striving to achieve the looks in advertising? Explain how you think.

* If you look at advertising in magazines or on the Internet, do the girls and the women have lines in her face? Why?

* What did Cindy Crawford say about herself? Why?

* What happened to Jessica Alba and Kelly Clarkson and they being in magazines?

* “Slim down your way”, what is that all about?

* Women made part of a video game? Why?

* Mrs. Kilbourne talks about turning human beings into human things. What does Mrs. Kilbourne say happens when one do that?    Explain!

* What are your thoughts to what Mrs. Kilbourne says about using parts of the women body?

* What does this do to girls?

* What are your thoughts about the models having anorexia?

* What did Kate Winslet say about herself on a magazine cover?


/Miss Marianne

Freak, week 38. English 9A & 9B

We have moved on this week and watched two more clip. This time they were about Photoshop.
1. Watch this film about Photoshop

2. Discussion with your partner and then write your reflection

3. Now, watch this film as well.

4. Again, talk with your partner about what you just saw. Take notes for your article later.


/Miss Marianne

Ordklasser, svenska 9A & 9B

Nu har vi sett allas fina och bra filmer om ordklasser. De läggs ner i Dropbox av er – i mappen svenska, ordklasser. Vartefter de hamnar där flyttar jag dem till min YouTube-kanal. Prov beslutar vi om i vecka 39, troligen blir det i vecka 40.

Ni har gjort ett bra arbete med ordklasser och nu kan vi gå vidare mot En man som heter Ove! Det ska bli spännande att få läsa den tillsammans med er!