English, 8A

Welcome back to school! Great to see you again!

You might remember what we talked about when it comes to our first project this semester … Or, not? We are working with a project about Jamie Oliver. I will not give it away here for a few days. I will post it very soon. Anyway, the project will end up with you making a podcast with friends in your class.

So … see you in class tomorrow and we will take it from there!

/Miss Marianne


Vi startar denna termin – Svenska 9A & 9B


Välkomna tillbaka till höstterminen 2014. Tänk att det kommer att vara ert sista år på Vistaskolan …

Min tanke är att vi tillsammans bestämmer hur vi ska arbeta med terminens första arbetsområde – ordklasser.

Vi startar med det för att göra satsdelar före nationella provet vecka 7, våren 2015.

När vi klarat av detta, går vi vidare med boken ”En man som heter Ove”.


Starting this semester – English 8A

Hello, 8A!

So nice that you are back in school – I have missed you all!

We are going to start this semester with a task, all about movies. After that is done, we will work with one chapter in our new English book No. 2, Happy. We will start with the chapter called ”Let’s Talk Movies” – that will be fun!!

Cannot believe you are all ready eight graders …

/Miss Marianne


Happy åk8