English 9A & 9B, TED talks!

It is time! Time to voice your opinion about something or tell your experience of something! Anything. You get to choose what to tell the world about.

First of all we will we listen to some TED talks in class, held by fifth graders in Årstaskolan – they are something else … Even live broadcast at the time. Like we aim to do it. Then we will watch one american girl and one american boy when they hold their TED talks. Interesting!

The first assignment on our path to your own TED talk is to find two TED talks you want your friends to watch and benefit from. When you have found them – you write about them. In Dropbox you have a document that tells you how it is supposed do be done. The document you write is then graded. Of course you will listen to your friends two recommended talks and respond! We will get back to that part.



/Miss Marianne


Svenska 9A & 9B, nu startar vår resa mot nationellt prov i ämnet svenska

Vårt första fokus på terminen i svenska är att träna hur läsförståelse är upplagt på nationella prov. Hur ska man närma sig texterna och sedan formulera sitt svar på frågor? Ja, det är det vi fokuserar på. Först i skrift enskilt och sedan muntligt i små grupper.

Se till att hela texthäftet ”Nutid, dåtid, framtid” är läst till lektion fredag 23 januari. Använd TTF på torsdagen om du behöver.

Efter läsförståelse ska vi ge oss på skrivandet och olika genrer. Hur skriver jag i olika genrer? Vad skiljer genrer åt? Hur kan jag veta att texten jag läser är ett reportage, debattartikel, krönika eller en novell? Hur skriver jag dessa?


English 8A, Jamie Oliver

Now we have started our journey towards our Podcasts! You will read an article, watch several clips on YouTube writing comments, your opinions and thoughts to everything you watch and read. There will be times where you talk to your partner as well.

We are working in Blendspace.com where we have a lesson (Jamie Oliver) that tells you what to do and in what order. Yesterday, (Thursday January 8) every student started a profile there. Just follow the instructions in the lesson in Blendspace.

Our class code is posted on Instagram. (Class code: qxgl)

We will work with this project a couple of weeks!

Jamie Oliver

/Miss Marianne

English, 8A

Welcome back to school! Great to see you again!

You might remember what we talked about when it comes to our first project this semester … Or, not? We are working with a project about Jamie Oliver. I will not give it away here for a few days. I will post it very soon. Anyway, the project will end up with you making a podcast with friends in your class.

So … see you in class tomorrow and we will take it from there!

/Miss Marianne