Englishtest Freak, 9A & 9B, week 41 and week 42

During week 41 you will have your verbal test of Freak. You will have your notes with you during the whole test, sit in groups of three and record your conversation. Afterwards you mail your recording to me.

During week 42 you will have your writing test of Freak. You will have your written preparations during the whole test. You are going to write a chronicle. Remember to study how to write a chronicle before the test. All information about writing a chronicle is in Dropbox. Also use TTF on Thursday in week 41 to come and talk to me to get help how to write, if you need. You are more then welcome!

/Miss Marianne



Freak, week 38. English 9A & 9B

The last lesson for this week we went back and watched the two clip about Photoshop and answered questions in pair. Also make sure you take notes of your conversation, to use later. Remember the topic!

Questions to the two Photoshop clips
1st clip Photoshop

* What is your thoughts about Photoshop and how it is used in commercials?

* Would there be any circumstances where it is useful?

* Do we need to look our best everywhere?

* If you could, would you use Photoshop? Why?


2nd clip, Jean Kilbourne

* In what way does advertising tell us who we should be?

* What does Mrs. Kilbourne think advertising tell us about women? How is that? Do you agree?

* What could it do to a little girl, striving to achieve the looks in advertising? Explain how you think.

* If you look at advertising in magazines or on the Internet, do the girls and the women have lines in her face? Why?

* What did Cindy Crawford say about herself? Why?

* What happened to Jessica Alba and Kelly Clarkson and they being in magazines?

* “Slim down your way”, what is that all about?

* Women made part of a video game? Why?

* Mrs. Kilbourne talks about turning human beings into human things. What does Mrs. Kilbourne say happens when one do that?    Explain!

* What are your thoughts to what Mrs. Kilbourne says about using parts of the women body?

* What does this do to girls?

* What are your thoughts about the models having anorexia?

* What did Kate Winslet say about herself on a magazine cover?


/Miss Marianne

Freak, week 38. English 9A & 9B

We have moved on this week and watched two more clip. This time they were about Photoshop.
1. Watch this film about Photoshop


2. Discussion with your partner and then write your reflection

3. Now, watch this film as well.


4. Again, talk with your partner about what you just saw. Take notes for your article later.


/Miss Marianne

Freak, English 9A & 9B

This week, 37, are we working with the following tasks:

1. Read the article through the link below. It is about using Twitter, social media in school projects.


2. Read this first

Always Redefines What It Means to ‘Run Like a Girl’

Ilana Wiles, creator of the MommyShorts.com blog, loved the ad’s message so much she asked her readers to submit photos of their daughters doing ”all the amazing things our daughters do,” she explained, along with the hashtag #LikeAGirl.

But then something unexpected happened.

”It was my readers who started posting pictures of their sons doing so-called feminine things,” Wiles of New York City, recalled.

Soon her blog was flooded with pictures of little boys proudly displaying their feminine side, from putting on polish to playing with dolls, all with the defiant hashtag #LikeABoy.

”We would never want someone to tell our girls that they can’t do the same thing boys can do,” said Ericka Souter, editor at TheStir.com. ”But when it comes to boys, we limit them to what we think are the right things for little boys to do and the right ways for little boys to act and we have to ask, ‘Is that really fair?'”

Heather Castic, a mom from North Carolina, posted a picture of her 2-year-old twin boys ”playing princess” with their 4-year-old sister.

”That’s what my boys do,” Castic explained. ”They emulate their sister and it was actually very refreshing to see other people out there with boys doing things just like my boys do because sometimes you question if it’s normal.”

She says her boys, who love dinosaurs as much as tea parties, are helping to redefine what it means to be ”like a boy.”

”I really think the hashtag should have been #LikeAKid because it’s what kids do,” Castic said. ”They’re just using their imagination. They’re at an age of innocence. They’re just having fun.

Added Wiles: ” Housework and childcare isn’t girly. It is what makes a good man and a strong family. Every little boy should be handed a doll and a toy vacuum.”

Then, watch this:


What do you see and how do you react? Write a reflection after your discussion with your partner. Suitable topic!

Move on and discuss with your partner:

  • Boy or girl – genes or upbringing?
  • A typical girl or a typicla boy – do they exist?
  • Occupations and activities. Do they feel free to choose?


Summarise your thoughts you had in your discussion for later. Do not forget to have a suitable topic!

Write at least 100-150 words full of your opinions and explanations to them.


/Miss Marianne

Freak, English 9A & 9B

We have now moved on with our project – Freak. This is what we have done until week 36:

  1. Watch the musicvideo with the lyrics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ8t9UXQ1hA
  2. Translate Molly´s song to good Swedish. If you need to, talk to your partner to get help.
  3. Talk about the lyrics with your partner and answer the questions below. Also, write your own thoughts and your own answers to the questions in your document.
  • What do you think the song is about if you look at the lyrics?
  • To what age group and gender does this song appeal?
  • What is the obvious message of this song?
  • What are the hidden messages of this song?
  • In what ways is this song a healthy or unhealthy example of media?

Write a summary to what you talked about in your document. Did you agree?

4.  Watch the music video together with your partner and talk about following questions afterwards:

  • How are one expected to look like and be today?
  • Is body ideal different between the sexes?
  • What is your opinion in this matter?
  • Is it okey with the ideals of today?
  • How is the video made? What is showed in the video to make the wiever react with its feelings?

Write in your document what you talked about! Remember the topic!

/Miss Marianne

Freak, English 9A&9B


  1. Be eleverna ställa sig upp. De ska nu visa för varandra ”How to run, fight and through like a girl”. Här är det önskvärt att de efteråt kort skriver ner sina reflektioner till vad de nyss gjort i ett dokument. Bara någon rad. Det kan vara en del till sin examination senare i arbetet.
  2. Nu ser eleverna filmen från Always https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjJQBjWYDTs
    • What can you see in the film?
    • What do you think about it?
    • Why is there different ways to show “how to … like a girl”

Again, write a reflection

Write your reflections – refer to your source in writing (the clip)

Keep them for later!


  1. Se Mollys musikvideo   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMjDne_Z4Gs

Se filmen utan ljud allra först för att sedan:

Write a reflection

  • Can you see a plot/story?
  • Your thoughts to it?
  • Reactions – feelings?
  • Can you find any symbolics? Symbols?
  • Can you find any issues?
  • Use the “wh-questions” – Why, where, what, who, when.


  1. Talk in pairs about what you have seen and experienced so far, you might need to write some notes to remember what you said.