English 8A, Let´s Talk Movies

We have now started this semester in our new English books! The chapter we started with is called ”Let´s Talk Movies”. I hope you find it kind of fun!

So far we have talked about words that has to do with movies and what we think of movies and different kinds of movies. That talking task was mostly done in pairs. You have got your first homework (marked words on p. 117-118) for Friday 12th, next week. You decided together to have Fridays as your day for homework. You should also read the text we have listened to and look for and observe usefull frases, as we also talked about in class, Thursday. Well done, by the way!

Tomorrow, Friday, we are going to use the whole lesson to work in our workbooks, starting on page 94.

I´ll put the homework on Instagram, if you need it. Do your best learning some new words and phrases!

See you all tomorrow – last lesson for the week! (for me)

/Miss Marianne