English 8A, week 47-48

Tomorrow, Friday, we will have the test where you get to show me your writing skills. I am so looking forward to read your texts about the movie you are producing!

Today in class we opened our accounts at Readtheory.org. That is something we will try out and work with on Thursday, next week. It is going to be very interesting to check that out together!

Good luck, tomorrow!!

/Miss Marianne


English 8A, Let’s Talk Movies, week 46

We will work with a song this week. We will listen to it and finding missing words. At the end of the week, our Friday lesson, I will show you another fun way of working with lyrics and a song. Remind me!!

We will also work with small tests to the chaper in class this week. Just to practice reading skills and your knowledge of words.

The test of the chapter will be in week 47, next week. I will tell you all about it in class on Thursday. Let’s plan the test together!

/Miss Marianne

English 8A, Let’s Talk Movies, week 45

This week we will work in our English books and finish up all the work connected to the chapter about movies. We are getting closer to having a writing test very soon! Be aware!

This week our verbal presentation about a movie starts. First group will do theirs on Wednesday during half class. I am so excited!! Remember you need to practice at home and be on top of the time it takes to present your movie – four minutes.

/Miss Marianne

English 8A, Let’s Talk Movies

This week we will work with page 105, 106 (crosswordpuzzle) and 107 in our workbooks. You have a homework for Friday, October 19, as usually! I have put it on Instagram. We will also start working with our verbal presentation about a movie, free of your choice. The presentation will be held in half classes in week 42, 45, 46 and 47. You can read all about it on the dokument I put in Dropbox. The presentation will last for four minutes and you can use any ”app” you would like as a help. You are allowed to have 25 supporting words as a help.

I am so looking forward to hear all about your favoutrite movies!


/Miss Marianne

English 8A, Let’s Talk Movies

This week (40) you should be done in your workbook until at least page 103 – 105. Maybe even with page 107. Next week we might have to work with the crosswordpuzzle on page 106. Homework, for week 40, is marked words in your textbook page 127 – 129. You are able to see them on Instagram – I put a picture there, as usual.

/Miss Marianne

English 8A, Let’s Talk Movies

This week you should be done in your workbook until page 99. In class we will continue to work in our workbook on page 100 – 102. That is a long, interesting and scary listening excersice. You will maybe solve a murder mystery. Scary! Homework, for next week (39), is words in your textbook page 124 – 126. Do not forget to read the text. You never know if there will be questions from the text to answer next Friday …

/Miss Marianne

English 8A, Let´s Talk Movies

We have now started this semester in our new English books! The chapter we started with is called ”Let´s Talk Movies”. I hope you find it kind of fun!

So far we have talked about words that has to do with movies and what we think of movies and different kinds of movies. That talking task was mostly done in pairs. You have got your first homework (marked words on p. 117-118) for Friday 12th, next week. You decided together to have Fridays as your day for homework. You should also read the text we have listened to and look for and observe usefull frases, as we also talked about in class, Thursday. Well done, by the way!

Tomorrow, Friday, we are going to use the whole lesson to work in our workbooks, starting on page 94.

I´ll put the homework on Instagram, if you need it. Do your best learning some new words and phrases!

See you all tomorrow – last lesson for the week! (for me)

/Miss Marianne

Till alla mina fina elever i alla mina klasser!


Om det olyckligtvis skulle vara så att du är sjuk och inte kan komma till skolan kan det ju vara så att du vill veta vad vi gör i skolan och kanske om du har ork fundera eller arbeta lite hemma för att inte komma efter i det viktiga skolarbetet. Titta på bloggen om det kan hjälpa dig att komma framåt, annars skicka mig ett mail så du får veta vad vi arbetar med för spännande och roligt i klassrummet.

Använd adressen: Marianne.Bergman@Huddinge.se om det är mer bråttom (den kollar jag många gånger per dag). Om det inte är lika bråttom använd: Larare.Marianne@hotmail.com.

Hoppas du kryar på dig snabbt och är tillbaka i skolan på nolltid! Vi vill alla att du är här i skolan!!

Feeling good

Starting this semester – English 8A

Hello, 8A!

So nice that you are back in school – I have missed you all!

We are going to start this semester with a task, all about movies. After that is done, we will work with one chapter in our new English book No. 2, Happy. We will start with the chapter called ”Let’s Talk Movies” – that will be fun!!

Cannot believe you are all ready eight graders …

/Miss Marianne


Happy åk8