Podcast 8A, English, Jamie Oliver

This is a Podcast produced by Daniella, Arif and Supreet in 8A, Vistaskolan in Huddinge. Prior to this Podcast they have been working with a project about Jamie Oliver and what he experienced with McDonald’s and their food in America. They worked in Blendspace, reading an article, watching several clips from YouTube and gathered their own opinion in this matter. They are trying to express their opinions, what they experienced and learnt in this Podcast. Enjoy!

First you may check out the article and clips from YouTube in Blendspace, if you want to. You will find it all here: https://www.blendspace.com/lessons/eut9wkwhXRrShQ/jamie-oliver

Press ”Play” below to listen to the Podcast!

/Miss Marianne



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