Freak, English 9A & 9B

We have now moved on with our project – Freak. This is what we have done until week 36:

  1. Watch the musicvideo with the lyrics.
  2. Translate Molly´s song to good Swedish. If you need to, talk to your partner to get help.
  3. Talk about the lyrics with your partner and answer the questions below. Also, write your own thoughts and your own answers to the questions in your document.
  • What do you think the song is about if you look at the lyrics?
  • To what age group and gender does this song appeal?
  • What is the obvious message of this song?
  • What are the hidden messages of this song?
  • In what ways is this song a healthy or unhealthy example of media?

Write a summary to what you talked about in your document. Did you agree?

4.  Watch the music video together with your partner and talk about following questions afterwards:

  • How are one expected to look like and be today?
  • Is body ideal different between the sexes?
  • What is your opinion in this matter?
  • Is it okey with the ideals of today?
  • How is the video made? What is showed in the video to make the wiever react with its feelings?

Write in your document what you talked about! Remember the topic!

/Miss Marianne



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